About us

This Is What GM Stands for 

Over 40 Years of
Interdisciplinary Experience

Decades of experience from a wide variety of industries come together at our location in Munich – from mechanical engineering to subtractive manufacturing to cooperation with the police and fire fighters. That is why we can always develop the right product, even for complex needs and problems.

Quality Customer Asstistance

Which product is the right one for my intended use? What is the most cost-effective batch size to work with? We take time to answer your questions personally. We meticulously analyze your needs and present you with a solutions that’s tailor-made for you.

Comprehensive Solutions

We are here to think it through. We haven’t reached our goal until you are 100 percent satisfied. That is why we stress the importance of providing competent assistance from product development through production to delivery. 

Flexible Lot Sizes

Do you want your order to be particularly small or large? No problem! We will provide you with almost any batch size – across Europe and no matter whether you are a private or large-scale industrial customer.

Short Delivery Time

Quality and speed are not mutually exclusive, for us they are the norm. We ship orders within no more than 48 hours, often even within a day. Our efficient manufacturing structure, above-average storage capacities and reliable supply chains make it possible. 

First Class Network

We know what we can accomplish. For everything else we have trustworthy partners by our side. Our extensive network allows us to satisfy your demand in plastic, rubber or protective equipment at any time. 

Special Conditions for Industrial and Large-Scale Customers

Do your plans involve larger quantities? Benefit from our reduced unit prices.