Plastics Processing:

blanks, trims, finished parts, etc.


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its original size and shape or as a blank or trim!

We offer the full range of processed plastics and synthetics
at our location in Georg-Maurer-Str. 4, Munich. 

CNC portal milling machine

Our CNC portal milling machine is capable of milling dimensions of up to 3x2 meters. 

Holzma plastics saw

The Holzma plastic saw makes it possible to cut sheets with a width of up to 4 meters in a fully automated way.

Hurco 5-axis processing machine

Thanks to our Hurco 5-axis processing machine, we can manufacture milled plastic parts based on blueprint drawings or designed by ourselves. 

Heat furnace

Our furnace allows us to use state-of-the art software to anneal plastics up to dimensions of 1000x1500x900 mm (W*H*D), exactly according to given specifications.

Cutting plotter

On our cutting plotter, which works similar to a portal milling machine, we can mill measurements of up to 3x2 meters. For example, this allows us to use the machine to manufacture doors, panels or windows. Additionally, this machine is capable of milling plastic foam with a thickness of up to 100 mm and can therefore transform it into all kinds of 2-dimensional shapes. One area of application for this technology is packaging and padding materials. 

Plastics processing

Produced for our own needs or as a job order production for your prefabricated components

We also do in-house drilling. Should our in-house facilities reach their limits, we cooperate with selected partners to allow for the manufacturing of all kinds of shapes and sizes. Including, of course, the method of injection molding. 

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Injection Molding

3D Printing

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